Friday, November 5, 2010

Lipstick Queen

I was FOREVER on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick...if you've ever been on the same hunt you'll know what I went through...and for those of you who haven't...imagine stained lips, shades that bleed, reds that look amazing until you get them on and so on.
Then i found Lipstick Queen's Opaque Lipstick in Red Sinner...needless to say I was soon the proud owner of the rest of the items pictured below.  Who says obsessions aren't healthy!
Sinners - Opaque Lipstick $18.00
in Red Sinner

Shine - Hard Core Gloss $22.00
in Red Sinner

BIG BANG Theory - Illusion Gloss $20.00
in Energy

Chinatown - Glossy Pencil $20.00
in Mystery, Chase & Genre

Invisible Liner $18.00

The glamorous the glossy glossy!

I can't remember how long I've been this way but I do know it's a for sure obsession...I have makeup bags dedicated to lip gloss...I have stories of meeting people and all they can remember is our talks of lip gloss!  Seriously.  So here are some of my love love them! 
Too Faced Lip Bronzer $17.00 each
My fave color Sun Bunny

Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lip Gloss $16.00
My fave color Damn I'm Hot & Envy Me

Urban Decay XXX $16.00
My fave colors Guys Love Betsey & Quickie

DuWop Venom Gloss $18.00
My fave colors Lantana & Tulip

Throw it in the bag!

Why is it so hard to find a cute makeup bag that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...and one that wont fall apart in a hot second?  Your guess is as good as I've decided to use this!

I'm pretty sure it wasn't made for the purpose of being a makeup bag but that's what it is for me!  From this Zipper Pouch will set you back a mere $5.99...what could be better than that you ask...well it's also made from 95% recycled post consumer material...SWEET!  Here's hoping this bag holds up longer than my last...but if it doesn't...heck it was only $5.99!