Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Breast Friend

As a rookie Mom I excitedly registered for the Boppy Pillow for my breastfeeding needs...ignoring all other pillows.  

Don't get me wrong, I do see the future use of my Boppy Pillow...but after a week and a half of breastfeeding with sore nipples and a back that felt like it was going to snap in half I knew there had to be something better...and thanks to I found the My Breast Friend Pillow!  This pillow is worth every penny...speaking of pennies...unless you have Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom you'll need to spend an additional penny for free shipping!

My Breast Friend Pillow in Sunburst

Don't take my word for it...or do...but follow the link above and watch the video and I'm sure you'll be sold just like me.  For your sake though, I hope you get this before your little one arrives...your back will still many of your other body parts...but trust me when I say it will be WAY better than without the My Breast Friend Pillow!

Happy Shopping!