Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bag It Up

What's in a bag?  It carries what we need to get through the day...and if you're doing it right is says something about who you are...in a good way!

The Canvas Zip Tote
Available Here

Now this is on the larger side...but every now and then we have a lot to carry.  This coated canvas and leather combo will take a beating...and in my opinion only get better looking with wear.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Charmed I'm Sure

While I'm on this "You're never too old..." kick...I mean lets be real...Forver21...nuf said.

I'm loving Juicy Couture's Summer Charms!  Mine are all quite a few years old...but all have meaning...I do love this volleyball charm but personally I would need a water polo ball (ah hem @JuicyCouture)...over the past ten yeas I've become obsessed with flamingos...and I'm a bit of a mermaid in that I'll get in the water and stay put for the majority of the day! 

Juicy Volleyball Charm
Available Here

Flamingo Charm
Available Here

Blue Mermaid Charm
Available Here
My Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet

So this bracelet commemorates my move to So Cal...believe it or not my car had a tape player...I'd sing to people using my dog toy microphone while in traffic...I sent everyone post cards because it felt right...it was LA so I always had my shades on and last but not least the palm tree...I'm sure you can figure that one out!

Me & My Microphone

This is how I do my Alicia Keys...hands free for playing the piano!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

She's Crafty

I'm obsessed with Unicorn Crafts!  

That whole "I don't wanna grow up..." yeah...I don't...I want to always be a little bit of a kid.  

California Nor Cal Love Necklace
Available Here

*Also available in So Cal

Narwhal Friend Necklace
Available Here

Little Bow Earrings
Available Here

Unicorn Balloon Brooch
Available Here

Tiny Dino Earrings
Available Here

T-Rex Friend Pin
Available Here
Did you see something you liked?  There are more cute shrinky dink designs on the designers etsy.com shop...but if you are a Bay Area kid you can check out a selection of these crafts at seedstore in San Francisco's Inner Richmond.