Monday, October 25, 2010


FCKH8.COM is working to raise money to fight for equal rights..."Some chicks marry chicks. Get over it." "Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it."

Love, love, LOVE this cause...that's why I bought the t-shirt and two mini-buttons!  Check out FCKH8.COM for a sweet video and even sweeter gear to support the cause!

$2.00 each


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OMG. Shoes!

I fell in LOVE with these lovelies...then I turned them over and saw the price and knew we couldn't "be friends" clearly we were in different income brackets!  That was until the day I happened upon them on the SALE RACK!  I took a deep breath…held it...and turned them over once again…ahhhhhhhh much better.  Better but still spendy…but I knew it was fate and they had to be mine so I bit the bullet and swiped my plastic and we lived happily ever after! 

*Also from Tory Burch...and yes I got these before the Linden do you think I knew to look for a bag from her that was just as fab as these sandals!?!

Bling bling!

So I'd have to say that a big influence on my style is music...

"Everytime I come around yo city"
"Bling bling"
"Pinky ring worth about fifty"
"Bling bling"

These bracelets from Banana Republic will make you feel "iced" like a gangsta rapper without the bank account of one!  $29.50 each (right now buy 2 or more & save 30%)   I went with the Black Diamond (top image) though the Clear (middle image) and Peach (bottom image) are equally Bling-tastic!

Loves it!

So I was on a FOREVER long hunt for the perfect bag with pyramid studs that didn't weigh 15 pounds with nothing in it!

Say hello to the Linden by Tory Burch!

A tad smaller than I'd least this way I can't cram a ton of junk into it making it oober heavy!  You can wear it year round dressing it up or down...think of it as a basic with edge! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If the shoe it!!!

*Disclaimer...just because it fits doesn't mean it can be fugly...just saying.

Good, now that I've made myself clear on that I can explain the title of this entry.  "If the shoe fits, buy it!" comes from my husband...yes...he encourages me!  But...thank the Lord...he has good taste and I'm sure he'd be less encouraging if I was shopping for shoes that cost as much as our mortgage payment! 

This friends is the Sidesaddle from J Shoes...and shocker I got them at SEEDSTORE for $165.00.  The color is even better in person...the heel is the perfect height and the leather is so soft it feels like you're putting your foot in butter!  I think I found a new brand to add to my favorite shoe brands list! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Could this obsession explain my platnium blonde hair?

Barbie. I've been a fan since before I can remember...she wears pink...she plastic and she's perfect!

Perhaps the best memory I have of Barbie…when I discovered my Mom’s collection in my Grandmas basement.  She had the original Barbie Fun & Fold House made of almost 100% cardboard…well fancy cardboard anyway.  Everything was a MILLION times better than anything I had in my collection because…well…it was VINTAGE.  She even had one Barbie that had her hair in an up do…the hair was plastic like most Ken dolls now days only this Barbie had 3 wigs…no joke!  Her plastic hair was brunette…she had a blonde, red and black wig all with different hair styles…every little girls dream!  Or maybe just mine. 

These fabulous finds come from Jonathan Adler's Barbie collection. The coin purse and the specs case will set you back $38.00 each...I've been pining after both of them for some time now!  Why am I so obsessed?  Because these creations are current with a nod to the vintage Barbie that cemented my love/obsession for Barbie in the first place.

With so many obsessions I think this is one I'll save...maybe Santa will bring them to me! 


Monday, October 11, 2010

Aloha Sunset

So I’ve been obsessed with this nail polish color for more than a year now…the color Aloha Sunset by Island Girl.  I get a ton of complements…for me the shade provides me with an endless summer…that’s right…I pretty much sport it year round!  It’s almost a hot pink color with a slight touch of neon orange giving it that extra punch of fabulous uniqueness! 

I discovered the polish at the ABC Store in Las Vegas…yes Las Vegas has ABC Stores…six to be exact.  ABC Stores are most known to residence and tourists of the Hawaiian Islands…beyond Hawaii you can find ABC Stores in Guam, Spain and (like I said) Las Vegas.  I got my Island Girl polish in Fashion Show Mall…but you can also hit up the ABC store in Planet Hollywood’s shops…I couldn’t tell you where the other four Las Vegas locations were!   

These polishes are a steal at $2.99 each and come in a variety of colors…though I’m purely obsessed with the Neon Colors.  Another note…these polishes are exclusive to ABC Stores though I’ve found two shades for sale on eBay…but boring ones.  So the next time someone says “Can I bring you back anything from Hawaii, Guam, Spain or Las Vegas?” be sure to tell them you want one of the super cute shades of Island Girl nail polish found at ABC Stores…I recommend Aloha Sunset…duh!

(Top image Aloha Sunset is the first color on the left.)