Thursday, October 14, 2010

Could this obsession explain my platnium blonde hair?

Barbie. I've been a fan since before I can remember...she wears pink...she plastic and she's perfect!

Perhaps the best memory I have of Barbie…when I discovered my Mom’s collection in my Grandmas basement.  She had the original Barbie Fun & Fold House made of almost 100% cardboard…well fancy cardboard anyway.  Everything was a MILLION times better than anything I had in my collection because…well…it was VINTAGE.  She even had one Barbie that had her hair in an up do…the hair was plastic like most Ken dolls now days only this Barbie had 3 wigs…no joke!  Her plastic hair was brunette…she had a blonde, red and black wig all with different hair styles…every little girls dream!  Or maybe just mine. 

These fabulous finds come from Jonathan Adler's Barbie collection. The coin purse and the specs case will set you back $38.00 each...I've been pining after both of them for some time now!  Why am I so obsessed?  Because these creations are current with a nod to the vintage Barbie that cemented my love/obsession for Barbie in the first place.

With so many obsessions I think this is one I'll save...maybe Santa will bring them to me! 


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