Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Savin' up for something fabulous?

My Mom always told me to save my pennies for a rainy day...this was a tad confusing since I'm from Seattle and it rains a lot.  Perhaps I can blame my shopping addiction on the rain...yes...I like that idea. 

Well today I slipped and fell on my credit card...the good news is this ADORABLE Rebecca Minkoff pouch helped break my fall!  Ha!  Thanks to my savvy shopping skills…and the frugalness my Mom instilled in me I got it on the cheap and with free shipping! 

I’m a true believer you can have almost everything you want as long as you’re willing to work for it…I plan to use this lovely as an aid in savin’ up for the next spendy obsession!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I always hear girls saying "OMG, I love her hair...I wish my hair would curl like that.  How does she do that?"  Well ladies "she" doesn't...her stylist does.  But now you can thanks to the "You Curl" from Conair. 
Create your own beachy waves or a romantic red carpet look with ease (once you've had a little practice).  I love that this is a clamp means no crimp and less damage to your hair!  It also features the swivel cord to keep things easy and tangle free!  

Conair Infiniti Pro “You Curl” Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron $39.99

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Three words, Fab U Lous."

"Two snaps and a twist!"

If you don't know those quotes come from Men on Film, In Living Color...YouTube it! the spin pin from goody.  It's's two pins (not snaps).  Just twist these two genius pins into your romantic, effortless bun and "whoomp there it is"!  I'm takin' it back to the old school cauz...okay okay.   

Seriously I've been on the hunt for these things ever since I spotted the commercial and they've been sold out everywhere.  I finally found them on for $6.49 and I'm SO glad I did.  These bad boys will keep you steady rockin' all night long and they wont fall out...I even sleep with them in so I don't get the rubber band crease...I wash my hair every other day when possible.  That being said, if your hair is super clean and soft and barely long enough for a bun then they might not stay put for too long...easy fix...add some texture to your hair with hairspray or by adding volume with a few curls and your pins will stay put!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Le pouvoir des fleurs!

Flower power!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!  Nor could I pass up this purchase!  

This ring is a statement in itself but you don't have to let it be the statement piece in your outfit.  Wear it with something simple like a gray deep v-neck t-shirt,  medium tint destructed denim bottoms and a simple sandal or ballet flat.  Or get fancy in an off white blouse, dark or medium tint denim, a patent nude heel, and some long layered gold necklaces!  Oh, and keep the hair simple and romantic...perhaps I'll add a picture of me rockin' it in the near future!

Don't forget to stop n' smell the roses!

Cozy Fashion with a Rocky Twist!

I fell in love with this from across the room!  The color is amazing but when you put it on...the soft cozy warmth makes you just melt!  

The Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie by alternative apparel comes from SEEDSTORE in San Francisco, CA.  Fully worth it's $50.00 price tag in my opinion because not only is it AMAZING but it's a little organic, a little recycled and the yarn (fabric) is even dyed with low impact to the environment.  

Comes in 11 colors of which I have 2...can you see why I've named my blog "my endless obsessions"?  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unnecessary Objects

Again I couldn’t help myself…seriously. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween so when I saw this AMAZING table runner I couldn’t pass it up…well I did at first but…that didn’t last long!

I’ve ALWAYS been obsessed with Halloween, I love plotting my costumes and making decorations…finding new things to bake…I just love Halloween. This laser-cut table runner comes from Crate&Barrel for a mere $29.95…after all you can use it for years to come! Let this be the show stopper to your table or use it as the foundation…I can’t wait to grab some table accessories to pair it with to set the spooky mood…I’m thinking items covered in black and/or orange glitter!!! Can’t wait!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shop for a Cause

The ever hip Feed Project bag just got OOBER accessible thanks to Gap! Feed Projects in collaboration with Gap sets out to provide food and nutrition education to American schools. Bags cost a mere $29.50 -$39.50 with $5.00 from every bag going to a school of your choice.

Head to to find out more about who they are and what they do and then click through to FEED USA and find a Gap Store near you to join the cause and sport the hip trend!

Bags are only available in stores...and don't forget to go online after purchase to donate your $5.00 to the school of your choice!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Fancy Huh?

Yay for!

The Sister Store of J. Crew recently launched it's website and I couldn't be happier!
I recently purchased these three lovelies online...the first of many I fear! All three finds can be worn year round...challenge yourselves ladies...and as much as I like the first necklace it's the second and third that I'm obsessed with because of their vibrant hot pink pop...these two gems can really become the show stopper of an outfit.

I'm in love!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will Work for Shoes


So, my amazing friends just opened up this AWESOME Men's, Women's & Vintage Goods store in the Inner Richmond (San Francisco) by the name of SEEDSTORE.

They have some amazing brands...but beyond brands they just have plane old awesome stuff! I personally have brands I love...but I don't claim to know them all...and the work these girls have done to find the undiscovered is truly impressive.

Kid in a candy store I's like Christmas every time I'm there! They "let me" open new shipments...I love to see everything "first" to feel the fabric...see the detailing and learn all about the labels. Hence "my endless obsessions". I say "let me" because well...I'm working...but to me it's not work. I work for food, well that's what I said they could pay me in! I love my friends and wouldn't think of letting them pay me!

They did however pay me in shoes, Swedish Hasbeens Red T-Strap Clogs! I'm in love...or should I say obsessed!

Friday, September 10, 2010


MAC Viva Glam is not only a wonderful cause but now they have the perfect pink for your pout...and go figure the spokesperson for said pink shade is none other than Lady Gaga!

I picked up the Lipstick as it launched before the Lipglass (I'm more of a gloss girl)...and to be on the safe side I picked up 2 of the Lipglass' last Thursday when it launched...can't run out after all!

100% of the proceeds go to Men, Women & Children living with HIV/AIDS!