Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will Work for Shoes


So, my amazing friends just opened up this AWESOME Men's, Women's & Vintage Goods store in the Inner Richmond (San Francisco) by the name of SEEDSTORE.

They have some amazing brands...but beyond brands they just have plane old awesome stuff! I personally have brands I love...but I don't claim to know them all...and the work these girls have done to find the undiscovered is truly impressive.

Kid in a candy store I am...it's like Christmas every time I'm there! They "let me" open new shipments...I love to see everything "first" to feel the fabric...see the detailing and learn all about the labels. Hence "my endless obsessions". I say "let me" because well...I'm working...but to me it's not work. I work for food, well that's what I said they could pay me in! I love my friends and wouldn't think of letting them pay me!

They did however pay me in shoes, Swedish Hasbeens Red T-Strap Clogs! I'm in love...or should I say obsessed!

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