Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You smell delicious!

Tried and true...goes strong all night long...through the smoke and sweat of a dance floor.  Not to mention it smells amazingI've been wearing Michael Kors perfume for years now thanks to a friend with amazing taste!  I dare you to wear this to a smoky Casino or Bingo'll be the only one to come out smelling amazing (tip...spray some in your hair).  How do I know you ask?  Lets just say I know...wink!

I'm sorry what? I was distracted by something shiny!

I have to say it would be a goal in life of mine to be able to wear some kind of sequin item at least every other day of the week...something about the shine makes me feel...well shinny...and that makes me happy!  So here and there I'll wear something with a little sequin...but New Years Eve I'm sporting THIS!

Adrianna Papell
I'm still working out the shoes...I'm wearing a dark rinse jegging on the I just have to find some where fabulous to go!  Ha!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love Love

I've always been a sucker for love...still am...think I always will be.  So it's fitting that I'm the owner of this necklace...and even more fitting that I found it on my Honeymoon in a super cute boutique!
Zoe Chicco
I prefer white gold...though I've recently warmed up to yellow gold...both are the same price.  If you're feelin' like a baller go ahead and get the version with diamonds in the "o" for a mere $558.00! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

What? I can't hear you...

Do I need these?  NO!  Do I want them super bad?  HECK YES! 

Marc By Marc Jacobs why do you have to make these super cute headphones that I don't need but find myself wanting SO BADLY?  It's all I can do to refrain from entering Bloomingdale's Coupon in my google search box to give me the "excuse" I need to buy these for myself!  Wow...even I'm disgusted by myself!  For $68 you can be the super cool proud owner of these headphones...I know I want to be.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Ok, don't judge because right now you're thinking that's pretty cute...don't deny it.  Yes I'm a grown woman who still loves Barbie...but to a degree people...I'm not playing with or buying dolls...I heart grown up Barbie stuff.  I mean if Jonathan Adler is doing a line for Barbie it has to be grown up, right?  These note cards, a part of The Blonde Collection, are a mere $18.00 (includes 8 notes with envelopes) at 
It's like sending a more fabulous version of me in the mail!  Barbie...plastic and fantastic!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hands down the best beauty purchase I've made in a long time!  If you are looking for great shadow shades, a few cream liners, mascara and lid primer then this is a MUST HAVE!  There are even looks with instructions to perfect your craft! 

Available at Sephora, Nordstroms,  This lovely will set you back $45.00 (+ tax) and dare I say you won't regret it!  Look fab now and on into the New Year...just don't wait...this is a Limited Edition buy!