Friday, July 31, 2015

True Story

Being a Mom is everything you thought and heard it would be...and then some.  

I fall asleep on my bus commute into work just about every day, only to wake myself with my own loud shame in this game.  Lets be real, I also fall asleep on the way home...I have to set an alarm to wake up so I don't miss my stop.  

Putting my little one to bed almost always puts me to sleep too...whoops!  But last night I snuggled him close, gave him kisses and told him how much I loved him. Then, out loud, I thanked God for letting me be his Momma.  

He runs me ragged, and I'm often not my "best self"...but I'm SO HAPPY!

That said, it's only fair that I warn the general public..I'm a Mombie.

Available Here

I'm even toying with ordering 5 of these t-shirts so I have a clean one to wear Monday through co-workers need to be warned!  

Happy Shopping Mommas!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Woman's Place Is In...

The White House!  Or at least it should be.

Every little girl should have this pillow in her room.  It would make a great baby shower gift for someone expecting a little girl!  Send your daughters off to college with this pillow for her dorm room...are you getting the drift?  

Stitch by Stitch Throw Pillow

Now, not every woman is cut out to be President...but it's time we start letting the idea be more than just okay for a little girl to say and then grow out of...women need to believe this can and will be possible!

Also, it's made in the USA...AWESOME!!!