Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Planes

We made them when we were kids because it was we make them out of boredom...well that and because it's still kinda fun.  

 Nostalgia makes this necklace a must's also a great conversation piece...because everyone will be commenting and complementing!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner and a Show

Let's be get home and the last thing you want to do is cook...well it's that way for the most of us any way.  When I saw these kitchen tools I knew they had to be mine...obsessed over tongs and a flipper...heck yes!  If you knew me you might have purchased these for me...I have a pretend microphone in my car so I can sing to people in traffic jams...I'm serious...I do a mean Alicia Keys (pretend piano playing included)! 

online only

online and in store

Continue this ROCKIN theme through all of your meals...pssst...chopsticks that look like drum sticks!!!  Just sayin'.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Alexander Wang...unzipped...te he!  Wang...get it.                                      

*If you can find them in stock.

OK, so these sunglasses are RAD but I'm not ready to plop down upwards of $400 to display them on my face...well...maybe if they came Polarized!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Navajo You Didn't...

I love items with some heritage...history...this Navajo Bag by Pendleton has just that! 

 Navajo is going to be big for Spring/Summer and well into Fall if you ask me...if you're obsessed too I recommend checking out more from Pendleton as well as searching for vintage gear online...the vintage stuff I'm finding online is even cooler in some instances!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Could be a Northwest thing...I'm not any rate I loved these sandals as a kid and I still do! 

Salt Water Sandal
They look great with a simple summer dress, shorts and a sweet top...possibilities are endless.  Best part, they stay on your feet while taking a long walk on the beach...and you can even wear them in the actually improves their fit!  I'm I get them in navy, black, red or even white...wonder if they have hot pink (obsession)?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Sleep Til...

Da nah...nah nah BROOKLYN!

by Kate Spade
Seriously lusting after this bracelet...I mean I'm taking my first trip EVER to NYC this June...I need it right?  Going to have to pay Kate Spade a visit to see if I can cram my not so lady like wrist in it without it looking like a hot mess.  Anyone know any good wrist exercises to slim down quick...ew...don't answer that!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Unicorn Love

Are you friggin kidding me?  How great is this vase?'s even better in person...and I'm IN LOVE!  I'm already dreaming up the perfect variety of flower to complement the cuteness...and I don't even own the vase...YET!

by Imm Living
Another find stopping me in my tracks while passing by Park Life in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond.  These guys seem to know how to buy everything I’d ever want that I don’t need…that I end up buying because…well…I can’t live without it!  I HEART PARK LIFE!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's Money

If you've read my other entries you know my deal...the more money you save the more you have to spend...well then you also know I like to do it in style.  Owl's are all the rage...but I swear I liked them before they were OOBER POPULAR. 
Ceramic Owl Bank
I didn't hesitate to snap this owl bank up while passing by one of my fave local SF shops, Park Life.  Put away all that heavy change in it for a rainy day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Little Baker Made Jewelry

If you haven't heard of Kimberly Baker by now you've been missing out.  Her jewelry speaks to me.  I can identify with the story of Frida...perhaps that's why I bought the earrings when visiting the Kimberly Baker Flagship in Seattle...I had my heart set on Juliet before I even got there...but after seeing Frida and reading "her" story I knew I wanted to be Frida...Juliet was who I already was.

"FRIDA- They say that love is a battlefield, and Frida’s ready to fight. True her heart’s on the line, but it’s backed it up with some serious muscle; a precious little grenade, as delicate as her heart. So best be careful when handling, or BAM – you might be in for a nasty shock."

"JULIET- She still believes in true love, but hey, Juliet's a modern girl. She's taken a few hits that left her perfect heart pounded, but at the end of the day, she's still a romantic. These days, Happily Ever After is a tall order. She'd settle for dinner and a movie.
Check out for her newest collection...visit her Seattle won't be disappointed!  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I slipped and fell on my credit card…repeatedly!

I think this obsession could have been avoided...oh who am I kidding...there wouldn't be so many of these fabulous shoes in my closet if it wasn't an obsession of mine!  I'm OBSESSED with Fry Boots & Shoes!
My first pair...Carmen 8L Short Boot.

Second pair...Lisa T-Strap.

3rd pair...Louise Ankle Strap.

Fifth...Veronica Short Boot.

7th...Blair Ankle Strap Wedge.

Sixth...Cameron Peep Toe.

8th...Billy Short Boot.

4th...liked the silver so much I got them in Brown!
The 9th pair was featured in my entry titled 80's Lady...hmmmmm...wonder if I'm missing any?