Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Little Baker Made Jewelry

If you haven't heard of Kimberly Baker by now you've been missing out.  Her jewelry speaks to me.  I can identify with the story of Frida...perhaps that's why I bought the earrings when visiting the Kimberly Baker Flagship in Seattle...I had my heart set on Juliet before I even got there...but after seeing Frida and reading "her" story I knew I wanted to be Frida...Juliet was who I already was.

"FRIDA- They say that love is a battlefield, and Frida’s ready to fight. True her heart’s on the line, but it’s backed it up with some serious muscle; a precious little grenade, as delicate as her heart. So best be careful when handling, or BAM – you might be in for a nasty shock."

"JULIET- She still believes in true love, but hey, Juliet's a modern girl. She's taken a few hits that left her perfect heart pounded, but at the end of the day, she's still a romantic. These days, Happily Ever After is a tall order. She'd settle for dinner and a movie.
Check out for her newest collection...visit her Seattle won't be disappointed!  

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