Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Three words, Fab U Lous."

"Two snaps and a twist!"

If you don't know those quotes come from Men on Film, In Living Color...YouTube it! the spin pin from goody.  It's's two pins (not snaps).  Just twist these two genius pins into your romantic, effortless bun and "whoomp there it is"!  I'm takin' it back to the old school cauz...okay okay.   

Seriously I've been on the hunt for these things ever since I spotted the commercial and they've been sold out everywhere.  I finally found them on for $6.49 and I'm SO glad I did.  These bad boys will keep you steady rockin' all night long and they wont fall out...I even sleep with them in so I don't get the rubber band crease...I wash my hair every other day when possible.  That being said, if your hair is super clean and soft and barely long enough for a bun then they might not stay put for too long...easy fix...add some texture to your hair with hairspray or by adding volume with a few curls and your pins will stay put!

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