Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If the shoe fits...buy it!!!

*Disclaimer...just because it fits doesn't mean it can be fugly...just saying.

Good, now that I've made myself clear on that I can explain the title of this entry.  "If the shoe fits, buy it!" comes from my husband...yes...he encourages me!  But...thank the Lord...he has good taste and I'm sure he'd be less encouraging if I was shopping for shoes that cost as much as our mortgage payment! 

This friends is the Sidesaddle from J Shoes...and shocker I got them at SEEDSTORE for $165.00.  The color is even better in person...the heel is the perfect height and the leather is so soft it feels like you're putting your foot in butter!  I think I found a new brand to add to my favorite shoe brands list! 

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