Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi Friend

OK!  Neon obsession...check.  Bright colors just make me happy...and this bag makes me oober happy!

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Totally Turnlock - Sia'
Python Embossed Crossbody Bag
I find myself "checking in" with this bag every time I'm in my local Nordstroms...and I mean every time.  I look at it...delight in its color...and then I stroke it's smooth texture all the while imagining how amazing it would be if it were mine!  Do I need another crossbody?  No.  I have two very nice in black and one in I've got my basics and I'm set.  This will just be a "friend" I visit when I'm in the area...


  1. non sense! a friend u visit! everyone needs at least one outrageous bag in their collection!

    1. Well put...guess I better find a part time job for all of my endless obsessions!