Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nothing Permanent

Some times you just want a quick change...nothing permanent but a change none the less...look no further!

Color Bug
by Kevin Murphy

Colors Orange, Pink & Purple

Orange Color Bug
Color Bug by Kevin Murphy is awesome...I picked mine up at Salon Baobao in San Francisco from the amazing Chansophalla my hair stylist!  It goes on a tad messy as in it gets all over your fingers but the end result is RAD and you can just wash your hands...duh!  She let me know that it washes out...that I should avoid wearing white with it in or leaning/sleeping on light colored surfaces...other than those warnings...totally AWESOME!  I picked up Pink and Purple at $22 each...these are for sale online for a bit more...just google it!  Happy shopping!


  1. This looks cool - but what happens if it rains?

    1. Yeah...I hadn't thought of that really...but when I put all that time and effort into styling my hair and there is a chance of rain I'm prepared! That, and my hairdresser told me not to wear light colored clothing when I use it!