Tuesday, July 24, 2012


On a recent trip to Tucson Arizona I stumbled upon this amazing Betsey Johnson Necklace with a Southwestern theme...needless to say I fell in love...well sort of.  I wasn't sure that this necklace was really me...and I had a hunch that Betsey would offer my favorite part of the necklace...the cactus...in a ring...

Betsey Johnson Flights of Fancy
Cactus Frontal Necklace
I promptly took out my iPhone and google shopped it...sure enough it did exist!  While my best friend was shopping in the store I was shopping on my phone! I got my ring from Von Maur...never heard of it but they were tax and shipping free...sold! 

Betsey Johnson Flight of Fancy
Cactus Stretch Ring

Here's the kicker...I started to feel like my ring would be lonely...so after much debate I bough the necklace from Dillard's...that and I needed some instant shopping gratification!  For further torture I found yet another version of this necklace online that I like even more...the Flights of Fancy Charm Y-Necklace for $125...so I'll stick with my $68 version.  Man...shopping online can be dangerous!  

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