Saturday, July 13, 2013

Over The Top

So I know it's a bit much...but I love it!  

I'm a total fish! 

Sea Jewels Scuba Gal Necklace
Available Here

Our favorite vacation spot is Maui, HI...and when we're there it's... 

1. Eat 
2. Swim 
3. Eat 
4. Shop 
5. Swim 
6. Snack while Shopping 
7. Shower 
8. Eat
9. Chill
10. Sleep

...and repeat! 

I know she is called "Scuba Gal" tank and a snorkel mask makes me think she's a snorkel girl like myself!  I spend my swim time finding my turtle buddies...last year the hubby spotted an octopus that we followed for what seemed like forever...and seeing if I can spot anything we haven't discovered in years past.  Basically my backside is super tan by the end of our stay!

Wear something over the top that represents you...just do it in a tasteful way.

Happy Shopping!

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