Friday, April 17, 2015

Shark Attack

Back in my PR days I gained a lot of knowledge on baby gear as the firm I was working for represented quite a few baby clients.  In best representing your clients you must know your competitors...and I'm glad I got to know  Skip*Hop.

As a Mom now, I LOVE them...I'm obsessed really.  And with all things I love, I need to share that love with anyone and everyone because these things make me happy...and I want everyone to feel that way when they spend their hard earned cash...HAPPY! 

My little one isn't even half way to his first Birthday...but my husband and I have already decided to have a shark theme party for him.  So you can see why these zoo on-the-go and zoo feeding items will make the perfect first Birthday gifts!  

Love what you see?  Skip*Hop has even more zoo friends for your little ones...check them out!

Happy Shopping!

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