Sunday, September 8, 2013


Legit...I wanted to high five the man that made my sammich today.  

I get that this is a Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty blog....but...part of my lifestyle is eating and I feel like I need to share this with you.

Today, while in West Oakland for a snorkel mask...totally normal activity...I needed a meal of food.  Yelp App to the rescue...the hubby wanted "something with bread" and we landed on sandwiches.  Search: Sandwiches and "Current Location" and I select Genova Delicatessen & Ravioli. AMAZING!

Only problem...I'm ruined!  Now I'm a sandwich snob...I can only have the best and it's harder than you think to get an amazing sandwich.  I can think of my top five places and Genova's is other faves...I guess you'll have to follow my blog to find out!

If you're in Oakland, CA and hungry you can't go wrong I want another sammich!

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