Friday, March 9, 2012

Be Jeweled

A trip to Pa'ia on the island of Maui a few months back had me falling in love with a jewelry designer by the name of Tom the looks of the shop I was browsing in I knew it was beyond what I could afford but I asked the shop keeper the price of the earrings I had my eye on. 

Neon Colorblock Collar
I was right...they were just under $300.00 ...not really in my budget!  I couldn't get his earrings out of my mind and then I started seeing his designs pop up in magazines everywhere!  Thankfully I discovered Bauble Bar...they offer designs that seem to be inspired by Tom Binns at a more affordable price!  This one is on pre-order right now...get yours before it sells out...also available in a blue/yellow combo!


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    1. OMG! I just saw your comment...sorry for slacking! Just added you to my Reading List! Thanks for following!